Cincinnati, OH: Flowolf announced today it has acquired SalesWon, effective Friday, June 23rd.

The acquisition will pair SalesWon’s award-winning sales application prowess – built and streamlined exclusively on the ServiceNow platform – with Flowolf’s high-end custom applications, services, and solutions tailored to ServiceNow’s digital workflow.

With the addition of SalesWon and its team, our new landscape will only further advance our world-class product portfolio and bring clients the best solutions and services in the industry.

“I couldn’t be more excited about the potential we have in this new endeavor. I have known the SalesWon team and product for years and look forward to making the SalesWon products prominent in the market of CRM/CPQ,” says Andrew Gallimore, President/CRO at Flowolf. “Beyond the SalesWon suite of products, we fully intend to expand the App Engine/Custom Application footprint. There are flow breakpoints that ServiceNow may never fill directly and we see a strong market to help clients solve those challenges on-platform.”

“We are extremely excited for this next chapter and the company’s future. The acquisition positions SalesWon as part of a larger entity to both grow our existing suite of products, as well as delve into new product and service areas,” says Jared Crowder, CEO at SalesWon.


Andrew Gallimore

“I’m extremely excited about this opportunity. I’ve spent years solving business challenges for clients leveraging ServiceNow. There are so many opportunities for standardization on the ServiceNow platform and with the SalesWon product and team, we know that we can help clients accelerate value to market with solutions and services. I know this because we use the solutions we create, because it matters.”

Andrew has 20+ years of business and IT transformation experience across various industries. In the past decade, Andrew has had a focus on business and IT transformation leveraging the ServiceNow platform both as a customer and as a partner. Andrew’s focus has been end-to-end lifecycle processes to bring simplicity to complex environments across company divisions. Andrew worked to build a ServiceNow business from the ground up within RoundTower Technologies and now will lead Flowolf to accelerate client success

Paul Schaefer

“I’m very excited to be a part of the Flowolf team. We’ve assembled an amazing group of individuals, and our technical depth of app development, service work and integrations are the best I’ve worked with. Buckle up, we’re here to make our mark in the industry!”

As COO Paul is responsible for all aspects of our business, from client onboarding to new product innovation. He draws from 20 years of experience in cybersecurity, healthcare, payment processing and SaaS to help build amazing teams and products.

Jared Crowder

“My goal to merge SalesWon as a product into Flowolf stems from the belief that our anchor product holds immense potential for growth. By combining forces, we can amplify our impact, drive innovation, and deliver even greater value to businesses seeking transformative CRM/CPQ solutions and beyond.”

Jared Crowder is the co-founder and CEO of SalesWon, an award-winning CRM/CPQ company. With a desire to solve daily business challenges, Jared led the creation of the SalesWon product. His strategic guidance has brought CRM/CPQ to the ServiceNow landscape, delivering cutting-edge solutions and exceptional sales performance. As CTO, Jared will continue to drive the business forward with a focus on innovation, customer success, and sales excellence in a rapidly evolving digital world.

Ali Jubran
Director, Service Delivery

“Providing value to our customers by leveraging technology is one of the most rewarding aspects of my role and keeps me motivated every day. I find immense fulfillment in providing measurable and genuine value to our customers. Seeing our projects succeed is a source of genuine pride, as it validates our collective efforts and the positive impact we make.”

Ali has been an IT consultant for 11 years and has been delivering ServiceNow solutions since the start of his career. He has been designing and implementing software for nearly every vertical. He works with both technical and non-technical stakeholders to ensure successful implementations. He brings to the table his knack for transforming both mature organizations and those just beginning their journey.

For more information on how the acquisition will affect current customers, please click here.

About Flowolf: Flowolf is a premier custom application and services company designed for problem-solving and workflow optimization. We eliminate fake work by providing purpose-built capabilities that seamlessly align workflows and world-class products that drive process efficiency.

About SalesWon: SalesWon aligns business functions on a single platform and pioneered a robust, modern sales application for the NOW® platform. After working with sales organizations around the world to identify the best practices that have become the foundation of our platform, SalesWon has enabled ServiceNow clients to seamlessly share data across their sales and customer service management teams.

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